Newspapers for the print disabled

The Association of Swedish Talking Newspapers in Finland (Finlands svenska taltidningsförening, FSTF) is a non-profit organization producing and distributing talking newspapers to swedishspeaking visually impaired and print disabled in Finland.

We produce nine newspapers with a total of 2.000 issues published every year, 3-7 days a week. The newspapers are produced with speech synthesis in DAISY 2.02-format with full audio and full text.

The newspapers are distributed via the internet and listeners can choose between different software or hardware players for playback. We provide Pratsam Reader Web, Pratsam Reader App, Pratsam Reader Win and Pratsam Download for everyone who can not read a printed newspaper.

In 2018 we developed and launched "Knappen" (eng: "The Button"), a superaccessible and easy-to-use solution where the whole screen of a mobile phone is used as a play/pause-button.

We also provide the talking newspapers in DAISY 2.02-format via the DAISY Online Delivery Protocol, making it possible to connect other player models to our service.